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Tips For Handling Tons Of Reading

The school year has started once again and that means one thing:

Tons of assigned reading!

But as you’re staring down thousands of pages in assignments, what can you actually do?

Tips To Handle Reading Assignments

Because a lot of our Twitter followers are current or past Lit majors, I asked them for advice:

Here are our best tips for handling tons of reading assignments!

It’s true! The worst part about only reading for school is that you begin to resent it. Remind yourself as often as you can that you loved it, once.

“Just watch the movie!” is not great advice, but some people do it better than others. BBC Miniseries are usually pretty accurate to the text.

You have a bit more downtime than you think in college, so this is great advice. Even if you’re sitting in the DH with breakfast, that’s time to read.

NOT BEFORE BED!!! You won’t remember it if you’re half asleep.

This is especially helpful if you’re reading something that’s not in modern English!

Things that were not available when I was in college! USE THE TECH, KIDS.

Want more tips on how to keep up with college and high school reading?

Be sure to check out the replies to this tweet!

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